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an embodied collage practice hands holding tight as a bud white flower blooming little girls peeping inside a golden temple butterflies and flowers

Would you like to experience an embodied collage practice and gift  yourself some "me time"? 

Collage is a very user friendly and rewarding modality, no skills needed!


Pick up scissors, glue and a pack of old magazines and join our free one hour group sessions! 

Our collage meetings are paced by the Way of Nature according to the wheel of the five elements in Chinese medicine, the solstices and the equinoxes.

During our time together, I will guide you into an embodied meditation, a creative process and a contemplative time to integrate your experience.

All sessions are held in English via Google Meet.

Upcoming workshops 2023

  • Dance your Fire ~ 6th May, 10 am CET ~ RSVP here

  • Midsummer Magic ~ 17th June, 10 am CET ~ RSVP here

  • Earth Medicine ~ 5th August, 10 am CET ~ RSVP here

  • Harvest of the Heart  ~ 23rd September, 10 am CET ~ RSVP here

  • Seeing through the Veil ~ 11th November, 10 am CET ~ RSVP here

  • A Winter Spell of Magic ~ 16th December, 10 am CET ~ RSVP here

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