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I experience the act of creation as a sacred ritual that invokes the cathartic, holistic healing power of storytelling.

Through the craft of meticulous hand-cut collages, I weave the themes of body memory, resilience and feminine identity into thought-provoking visual narratives where I reclaim innocence, wilderness and sensuality as natural states of being, overshadowed by sociocultural conditioning.

My work exists in conversation with the archetype of the medial woman, she who bridges worlds - alchemist, mystic and medicine woman.

Handcut collage of a barn owl landing on head of frankenstein bride king fisher in throat iris rain drops in the shape of eyes

The mythological characters of Medusa, Persephone and Cassandra infuse my practice with the spirit of the exiled maiden standing in her power, owning her shadow and the gift of her sacred wound.


The impulse to create from the rawest form of energy is central to my artistic inquiry. ​With the body as crucible, the emotional and sensory substance of memory is extracted and alchemised into pictures. This inner shamanic journey continuously expands my consciousness, sensitivity and depth - a reappropriation of the sacred body as territory and identity of my own.

Nature, ancestral wisdom, archaeology and my visceral connection to the ancient goddess' sanctuaries of Greece, Malta and Turkey are my main sources of inspiration.

My multilingual brain plays a key role when processing materials: meaning, symbol, metaphor and colloquial expressions are deconstructed and rearranged into new codes of interpretation - an unexpected and sometimes provoking combination of signs and images in the spirit of Dada.

My art celebrates the courage and resilience of the human journey to wholeness and freedom through cycles of death and rebirth. I wish that in engaging with the sacred space in each artwork, viewers find solace, empowerment, and a renewed connection to their personal mythology, their ancestral roots and the human collective. 

red flowers arranged in the shape of vulva and ovaries

Hearth_Gaia Analogue collage on paper A5 Platform Projects Net, Athens, Greece 2021 Featured by

(Sch)Merz und Geburt der neuen Armee | collage analógico

(Sch)Merz und Geburt der neuen Armee Analogue collage on paper A5 Schwitters’ Army Collection, MERZ Gallery, Sanquhar, Scotland 2020

You bought your own extinction | Analogue collage art

You bought your own extinction Analogue collage on paper A4 Published in “Maintenant 14”, Three Press Rooms, New York 2020 Featured in Kolaj Magazine

Molting down | Analogue collage art

Molting down Analogue collage on paper A4 3rd International Art Collage exhibition, Retroavangarda Gallery, Warsaw 2020

Masquerade 2020 | Analogue collage

Masquerade 2020 Analogue collage on paper A5 1st International Meeting of greek FLUXUS Photography Center of Thessaloniki, Greece 2021

Die before you die | Analogue collage art on paper

Die before you die Analogue collage on paper A5 A book about death 10th anniversary Islip Art Museum, New York, 2019

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