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~ I guide brave storytellers into healing journeys of self love and belonging
using analogue collage as a transformative and integrative medium 


Portrait of artist Sandra Gea standing in the sunlight wearing a white hoodie by Canadian photographer Paul Fletcher

I have never forgotten who I was before the world told me who I should be - the canary in the coal mine, a highly sensitive child, creative, intuitive, sharp observer, deep listener, a truth teller wise beyond her years. 

By the age of eight, I had been instructed in the family stories of Spanish civil war, immigration, grief, and pain.

At that same time, a random act of kindness held me the key to my salvation and vocation. A travelling master cutler gifted me a pair of scissors as a thank you for filling his water bottle. The scissors have never left my pencil case since. To this day, I continue cutting my analogue collages with these precious blades.

I studied translation and interpretation and have lived in Spain, Greece and Malta since graduating. Together with French and Spanish - my mother tongues - I am fluent in English, Italian and Greek.

In my early thirties, following an existential and spiritual breakdown, I finally embraced the creative path that had been waiting for me since my childhood, first as a modality to heal myself, then as my artistic voice and offering in this world.

This journey into self-healing brought a deep reconnection with my body wisdom and the healing tradition of my family lineage. 

My maternal great grandmother was a curandera, a healer, though I prefer to call myself a medicine woman as I believe the medicine for our healing is already in us. I can only heal myself, yet, from this experience, I can hold a sacred space, be a presence,  be a deep listener, a nurturer and a guide for your healing, too.

Testimonials of family members have led me to assume that my great grandmother was an energy healer. Even if there is no record of her practice, through deep listening, empathy and earth based nurturing wisdom, her heritage and guidance live in my heart, in what I call the gift of touch and presence.

By touch, I do not mean a physical but a more subtle one, heart to heart, soul to soul. The medicine is the liberating  wisdom of our truth that reconnects us with our nature, a place of joy, lightness and flow.

~ My credo: nurture people so they empower themselves

Over the years of facilitating workshops to people from all walks of life: prison inmates, women victim of domestic abuse, children with autism, individuals longing for homecoming to their true selves, I witnessed the vulnerability of being human, of showing up with one's wounds, fears and missteps. I observed that when held in a space of compassion where they felt acknowledged without judgement, individuals would find the courage to open their hearts, surrender and cross bridges to a new place within themselves, to be empowered protagonists in their transformation and healing.

I believe in the importance of self cultivation and being true to my nature. My daily practice and life motto are summed up in three words: Be, Feel, Flow.

Be: Present and accepting the here and now, I am grounded in my environment.

Feel: I am aware of my emotions and senses.

Flow: Action or no action originates from my body instinct and intuition. My body moves tuned to her core.


As human qualities, I value warmth of heart, compassion, self-expression, depth, dignity, courage and generosity.

I find solace in a simple and minimalistic lifestyle while my inner fire is manifested in the material with analogue collage, poetry writing, improvising healthy meals and mixing spices and herbs in my kitchen.

I love collecting real life stories from strangers. I am the happiest walking barefoot in nature and listening to the silent whisper of the stones in ancient archeological sites.

In 2022, I returned to the land of my ancestors in Andalusia to research my roots and lineage while deepening my practice of the art of Wu Wei, a contemplation of the words of the Tao Te Ching woven into the observance of my inner cycles and the seasons of this land.

What my clients say...

"I was a bit skeptical (and in total despair) when I knocked on Sandra's door in search of support. The 12-year therapeutic follow up, taking my medication, nothing helped me. As a matter of fact, I was sinking and losing more and more my taste for life, I was literally running on autopilot. I was going through a deep crisis. Every day was a test.

Very sincerely, I must say that the work with Sandra began to bear its fruits from the first session. It was my first time meditating. And so many discoveries began. Sandra is an empathetic, professional and a very attentive person.Her experience and knowledge have been valuable to me during these almost 10 weeks of work, during which she and I have invested a lot. Sandra guided me to re-initiate a connection and harmonious relationship at body-soul-spirit level which I thought had been completely forgotten.

My progress has been noticed by my relatives, by my psychiatrist, and by those around me. Gradually, I have been feeling better.  Thanks to the suggested exercises, I started to appreciate myself as I am in the here and now and to take small steps every day. And thanks to these small daily steps, I can say that my zest for life has returned, that I see a future for myself and that it is bright. It is a simple joy and a gain of serenity which is new to me, which I appreciate and honor with great gratitude.

My psychiatrist, in seeing my progress over the weeks, suggested a new treatment, whereby after a year or two, I could envision a life without medication.

The quality of my life has improved significantly. Meditation is a natural part of my day, I continue to work on myself each day with kindness, love and the hope of a swan that has wings ready to be spread to fly high in the sky.

I would like to highly recommend Sandra as a soul-body-spirit facilitator with exceptional professional skills and human qualities. I would be more than happy if my testimonial can encourage you too, in making a positive change in your life with Sandra as your guide." S. S., Greece.

"I felt supported, safe and unjudged. The advantage of this process is its hand on approach, making things a bit more real because you are doing something with your issue rather than just talk about it. I felt I was actually achieving something that boosted me." C.B., Malta 

"I enjoyed the few minutes of zen meditation that enabled me to listen from within. I loved the conversation with you and uprooting a blockage that was making my life a bit difficult. I loved giving a voice to the pictures and see my artwork. Once finished, I loved my life with lightness." D. L., France 

~ My greatest joy is to see you soar in freedom, beauty and sovereignty 

If you feel moved by these stories and hear your body calling you home, I would like to invite you to a heart to heart conversation.

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