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I am a medial woman, earthy yet moved by the subtle, the mysterious and the magical.


Portrait of artist Sandra Gea standing in the sunlight wearing a white hoodie by Canadian photographer Paul Fletcher | collage as storytelling

I experience artmaking and body as sacred vessels for storytelling, intuitive healing, and self-empowerment. Besides my art practice, I hold space for sensitive creatives to reclaim the innate wisdom and unique medicine of their home body through embodied collage practices and integrative healing journeys. 


My initiation into the healing arts began in my early thirties following an existential and spiritual breakdown. After frustrated attempts at several traditional and alternative therapeutic modalities, my instinct guided me to create collages in order to make sense of my reality and rearrange my inner chaos into pieces of beauty. This practice brought a profound reconnection with my body wisdom, my inner shaman, and my family lineage of healers.

~ My credo: nurture people so they empower themselves 


When we come into each other’s presence, I connect with you from the soul field. I am moved by your humanity, your dignity and your unique essence. Your vulnerability inspires me to create a bespoke journey, where held in empathy and radical acceptance, you become the active and self-empowered protagonist of your transformation and healing. 


​In a decade of facilitating workshops to people from all walks of life: prison inmates, women victims of domestic abuse, children with autism, individuals longing for homecoming to their authentic selves, I have witnessed brave and resilient beings open their hearts, surrender, and cross bridges to a new territory within themselves.

Self-cultivation, dignity and being true to my nature are my non-negotiable values.

Three words sum up my life motto: Be, Feel, Flow.

Be: Rooted in my body, present and accepting of the here and now.

Feel: Tuned to my sensory and emotional cues.

Flow: Action or no action from my core instinct and intuition.


In 2022, I returned to the land of my ancestors in Andalusia to pursue my practice of the art of Wu Wei, a contemplation of the wisdom of the Tao Te Ching woven into the observance of my feminine cycle and the seasons of this land.


To explore my healing practice and read about credentials and clients' testimonials, visit my sanctuary page.

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