~ I am moved by the subtle, the mysterious and the magical. ~


Black and white photography, Portrait of Sandra Gea by Paul Fletcher

Welcome! I'm Sandra : collagist, poet and medicine woman.

~To know me is to know the stories that shape me.~


French by birth, Spanish by roots, Greek at heart.

Daughter of the Earth

The fabric of my existence

Dao, the Way of Nature, is the golden thread that brings together all of my being, seasons of being woven from magical human encounters and places. Dada is the intense inner life manifested in the material world through collage, poetry and performance.

I value

Depth. Dignity. Empathy


The most precious object: my scissors

The magical blades behind my paper artworks were gifted to me when I was eight years old by a traveling master cutler as a thank you for filling his water bottle. I confess, I cried the first time I had them sharpened, it felt like the artisan's wheel was polishing a piece of my heart.

Eternity and a day

Movie by Theo Angelopoulos that made me fall in love with the Greek language and got me moving to Athens.

The most poignant human experience

Creating a shadow theater performance on love, compassion and forgiveness with a group of male prison inmates.

My motto:

In Art and Life: Be, Feel, Flow