I was born in 1978 in Dijon, France to Spanish parents. I graduated in translation and interpretation studies in 2001 and since have been on extensive travel through Europe. I am currently based in Athens, Greece.

Self-taught, even if collage is my medium of predilection, I also enjoy experimenting with other forms of artistic expression such as performance, singing, shadow theatre and film making.

Revolving about resilience, memory and belonging, my art originates from a state of no mind, experienced in the reality of the “here and now”. This organic process continuously challenges me to go within and extract from the layers the substance that will be transmuted onto pictures.The birth of a piece is sometimes soft and flowing other times visceral and violent but always through me and out of me. In art and life, authenticity and simplicity of verbal and nonverbal expression prevail, my motto:  “be, feel, flow”.

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