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"Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,

the world offers itself to your imagination,

calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting -

over and over announcing your place

in the family of things." 

Wild Geese ~ Mary Oliver


Have you felt out of place for a large part of your life dreaming to be heard and accepted for who you really are? Are you living on autopilot, stuck in a rut, yet deep within, your wings are stirring and longing to spread free?

How would you feel if someone could understand your turmoil and guide you into the joy, safety and belonging of your home body?

Imagine this journey could be an intimate, joyful and creative adventure!


Finding my place in the world has been my obsession since a very young age. As a first generation immigrant, the division I often felt between my culture of birth and the one of origin manifested with anxiety and depression in my teenage years. My quest for a place where I would be fully self expressed lasted until an existential and spiritual breakdown in my early thirties made me realise that my thirst for belonging and freedom would not be quenched until I healed and came to my one real home : my body. 

 ~ I believe that literacy in our body language is key to our well being. ~ 

And it has more to do with deep listening and self cultivation than anatomy.

As I began to unravel my personal story - and after several attempts at different traditional and alternative therapeutic modalities - I noticed that my highly sensitive and empathic being was longing for spaces of trust, deep connection, compassion and self empowerment where my body, mind and spirit would be equally addressed and validated. 

I remember the morning I woke up in an aching body and out of the intense frustration and despair I felt, decided to take my healing in my hands and listen to my intuition and inner guidance. 

Feeling and addressing the messages of my flesh and bones - a fair share of the many faces and manifestations of trauma - brought me home and taught me that in becoming literate with our body language and cues we can create the optimal conditions for our healing because :

  • Our body is always communicating with us.

  • Our body knows how to heal, we are in charge with providing a safe environment for our healing.

  • Our body tells our story. Our experiences and emotions are valid.

  • Our body is a vehicle for our ancestral heritage as wisdom as well as unprocessed intergenerational trauma.

  • Our body has a unique chemistry, wiring and coding. Each healing journey is unique and specific to an individual.

  • The present moment is the container where the body alchemises the past and creates new pathways for the future.


Entering the healing journey means embracing a complex layer of emotions and body sensations which are sometimes overwhelming and difficult to voice with words but that can find shape and meaning with the process of cutting and pasting pictures because: 

  • Collage supports us in owning our narratives and the emotions associated with them.

  • Collage gives voice and shape to the narratives of our subconscious.

  • Collage helps us renarrate our personal stories.

  • Collage materializes into pictures the wisdom and medicine from our body and our imaginal realm.

  • Collage carries the metaphors and mirrors to our embodiment.

During our sessions, I am committed to: 

  • hold a safe, judgment free, trusting sacred space. 

  • acknowledge, hear and see your being and human journey as a whole.

  • meet you where you are on your life path.

  • encourage you to express yourself from your truth, without filters.

  • provide tools that respect your nature, pace and intention for your journey.

  • support you as you open to your own medicine and wisdom.

We are likely to be a good fit if you:

  • have been called "the black sheep of the family", "the rebel", "the impossible one".

  • resonate with the tale of "The ugly duckling" as told by Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estés in Women Who run with the Wolves.

  • are a first generation immigrant or expat. 

  • have tried traditional talk therapy or other alternative modalities but still miss your mojo.

  • identify as a highly sensitive or empath.

  • are open and curious to experience new approaches to deep work.​​

My practice is trauma informed with certifications delivered by the Trauma Informed Practices and Expressive Arts Institute.

I am grateful for the teachings and books of John O'Donohue, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Emily Conrad, Seena Frost, Miyamoto Musashi, Lao Tzu, Bruce Lee, Bessel van der Kolk, James Hillman, Alaine Duncan, Gabrielle Roth, Kristin Linklater, Imi Lo and Alexander Lowen that have supported my journey and continue to inspire my practice and refinement of the self. 

Why collage will support your healing journey

Gaia's Heart and Touch 

Chinese medicine woman bringing spring out of her sleeves almond blossoms

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~ Lao Tzu

I believe that a deep healing journey is a paced journey in harmony with the seasons of nature. For our body is an element of nature, a mirror of  her cycles and a holder of her humble and simple wisdom: 

-Nature loves balance.

-Nature does not waste energy.

-Nature's essence is joyful and playful.

Gaia's Heart and Touch is a ten week 1:1 integrative - body, mind, spirit - experiential journey using the five elements of Chinese medicine - earth, metal, water, wood and fire as container for your internal inquiry.

Through gentle yet deep and restorative processes - embodied meditation and collage practices - all tailored and paced to your personal journey and inquiry, every two weeks we will explore a new element and cocreate organically to support your body retrieve natural joy, flow and creativity.

During our sessions you will:

  • create a sacred container for your narrative to be expressed and integrated.

  • bring to awareness emotions that are an obstacle to your well being.

  • metabolise emotions into energy for action and creativity.

  • expand in your growth zone with confidence, trust and self empowerment.

  • reconnect with your own body wisdom and medicine.

  • realign your flow with your true nature.

  • receive personalized tools for your journey.

Benefits of the process: 

  • a calmer, clearer mind.

  • a grounded body.

  • the cultivation of a trusting and loving relationship to your whole being -body, mind, spirit.

  • self acceptance and compassion.

  • more focus, radiance and zest for life.

  • owning your story versus being owned by circumstances.

  • relying on your body wisdom and intuition for your healing.


Sessions can be held in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Greek.

Via Google Meet 


My offer:

Ten week 1:1,  60 min weekly session,  55 euro per session + VAT when applicable

Is your body calling you home? I would like to invite you to a heart to heart conversation.

Please book your complimentary call here.


None of the information, knowledge and ideas offered are intended to substitute professional medical advice or consultations with health care professionals. Instead, they are a result of research, practice and experience by the facilitator and serve as support to explore and navigate better the relationship with ourselves and our sense of belonging in the world. Clients are at all times in charge of keeping their body well nourished, exercised and rested.  

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