My credo : Nurture to Empower

Woman's left hand leaning on her chest, tattoo on her wrist

"To unravel a torment you must begin somewhere." Louise Bourgeois

How would you feel if someone could see through your turmoil and guide you out of the labyrinth of your mind into the joy and safety of your home body?


The desire to support highly sensitives and empaths in their journey home came from my personal inquiry and frustrations as I intended to find modalities to support my healing from trauma. As a highly sensitive, it was a challenge to find spaces of trust, deep connection and empathy without feeling disempowered or even dehumanised. 

Consequently, I decided to explore deeper on my own the relationship between my body, emotions and thinking patterns. 

The journey into healing is both familiar and mysterious.

Familiar because no one knows our story better than ourselves.

Mysterious because the present becomes the cradle to embrace and alchemise stories from the past while holding a new ground for the future.

~ Trust the mysterious and intimate force that leads the path to your homecoming. ~ 

Where to begin? 

Trust the call, the first thread pulled. Trust the first step, the first breath, the first heartbeat of coming Home to your body.  I invite you to pause and honour this first step for it is the bravest act of self love.