Homecoming to the Sacredness of your Nature


~ I hold the space for the sweet surrender to your healing truth. ~


"To unravel a torment you must begin somewhere." Louise Bourgeois

The journey into healing is both familiar and mysterious.

Familiar because no one knows our story better than ourselves.

Mysterious because the present becomes the cradle to embrace and alchemise stories from the past while holding a new ground for the future.

We will be remembered to trust a mysterious and intimate force that leads the path to homecoming.

The first thread we pull is the most overwhelming step yet, it is the bravest and most honorable act of self love.

Some patches of the fabric of our existence will be knotty and resistant and others will come loose with a slight pull.

Where to begin? How to begin? Just begin!

Trust the call, the first thread pulled. Trust the first step, the first breath, the first heartbeat of coming Home to your body.