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“Dreaming of Istanbul”

Asemic writing, ink and acrylic on paper 21x29,7cm

Jury selection for the festival "Orientexpress - Encounter of cultures Orient and Occident"

Galerie Schwarzbach, Wuppertal, Germany 

August 2015

For me the city of Wuppertal resonates with the name of Pina Bausch, visionary dancer and choreographer.

Her mesmerizing  performances, fluid choreographies, bodies writing sceneries and stories on stage.

"Dreaming of Istanbul" is a personal tribute to Pina Bausch and to dance. How would have Pina told the stories happening on board of the Orient express with destination Istanbul?  With sufi music in the background, I let my brush dance on the paper as if guided by Pina's choreography,  creating an imaginary dialogue between artists.

Lines : railways, lines of destiny crossing on board of the Orient Express, a train in continuous movement. Landscapes and cultures unfolding as the machine progresses towards its destination.

Who are the passengers of the Orient Express? What are their stories? How do they interact with each other?

These are the stories left on the paper in asemic writing, transcending the barriers of language.

A symphony being written and played. Golden dust falling on people's dreams as they come closer to their common destination, the end at the crossroad between orient and occident: Istanbul.

Dreaming of Istanbul #1
Dreaming of Istanbul #2
Dreaming of Istanbul #3
Dreaming of Istanbul #4
Dreaming of Istanbul #5
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