"Today I speak in this fashion, tomorrow in another, but always the Integral Way is beyond words and beyond mind. Simply be aware of the oneness of things. " Lao Tzu, Hua Hu Ching, Verse 8.

An installation of nine canvases, each of them tracing out a scene from my own journey - from my Andalusian roots, to native Burgundy, my years in Greece and the island of Gozo, the project "Beyond Words" invites the public to explore the theme of identity and diversity in the journey of life - be it that of the artist, and their own. 


"Beyond Words" was first presented to the public from 8th to 24th January 2016, at Spazju Kreattiv, St James Cavalier, Valletta, Malta 



A central part of the performance-installation is language. Without a script or rehearsal, I seek to challenge and deconstruct linguistic meaning, while inviting the audience to participate spontaneously and explore with me the primordial roots of language before it became comprehensible. The performance is at once raw, intuitive and crucially experimental.

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