Welcome to the world of SoulCollage®! 

What is SoulCollage®?

SoulCollage® is a creative, playful, intuitive process that connects you with your inner wisdom while exploring the many facets of Your Self. In other words, imagine you could take a selfie of your soul.


What do we do in a SoulCollage® workshop?

As a certified SoulCollage® facilitator, I will guide you to create a collage card, interpret its meaning and interact with the many facets of Your Self! 


Who is SoulCollage® for?

Anyone who can hold a pair of scissors! No age limit!

I have facilitated workshops to companies, psychologists, prison inmates as a team building activity and to support adults and children on their personal path. 

Why would you book me as a SoulCollage® facilitator ?

In 2010, I was introduced to SoulCollage®. Very quickly, my SoulCollage® deck became a profound healing and transformative journey companion. This led to the desire to share my experience with others and in 2014 I became a SoulCollage® facilitator. 


SoulCollage® is a powerful support that mirrors emotions and brings to awareness the many faces of the psyche. It creates an easy connection with our inner wisdom through the exploration of images and symbols.


Join me in creating a fabulous deck of cards that will become your companion and guide through your own personal voyage!


"Without exception all staff felt that this was a unique and novel way of exploring ourselves as well as expressing our feelings and thoughts and communicating with one another, something which is fundamental in any organisation."

Dr Paul Sciberras, Managing Psychologist, Mater Dei Hospital, Malta.

"I liked when we meditated all together because I saw the other people relaxing and their faces were happier. I liked to choose the pictures because they were beautiful and there were a lot of interesting animals and colours and I saw my dad in the magazine. I was curious to see what the other people chose. It was funny to work together and see what the other people were doing. I had fund sticking the pictures." Zoe, 7.

"An awesome experience. I could do with another and longer session. It is still with me a week on. I think I am changing and for the better. People were open and honest about their thoughts and feelings and were happy to share them. We each had some space, and I think we all felt connected. Sandra is a first class group facilitator. She put everyone at ease immediately, then without being too controlling, she steered the workshop expertly. I hope to participate again in her sessions." Jim, 77.