On the other side of chaos and dis-ease, I believe there is Beauty, Balance and Harmony.

My collage practice and my healing sanctuary are nurtured in the mysterious, the profound and the profane of the Natural and the Feminine Essence.

All is

All is not

All begins in Chaos

All begins with Eros

One cry

One beat

One whisper

She who is


Analogue collage of a chinese woman surrounded by koi fishes, a flamingo and pink flowers

For the Collectors and Art Lovers:

Original analogue collages either on commission or from a wide selection of unique artworks. More...

For the Inner Voyagers:
A healing sanctuary that nurtures empaths and highly sensitives with soulful creative journeys of homecoming to their natural joy and flow. More...

Sunday Bliss

Reflections and inspirations about Art and Life on the first Sunday of the month! 

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