Art as storytelling, ritual and medicine 

Wu chinese shaman flower fish flamingo analogue collage


Thousands of years ago our ancestors left the first expression of art as storytelling, ritual and medicine on the  cave walls. The artist-shamans were the travelers, messengers, interpreters between the physical and the invisible world. They were the healers and the guardians of the cycles of Nature and Life.



I'm Sandra, visual artist, healer and trauma informed facilitator.

In other words, an artist-shaman of modern times! 

In my bespoke sessions, I hold a safe and trusting space in acceptance, non judgement and compassion.

You will be heard, understood with all your humanity because I believe that

Presence is the simplest, most healing gift.


  If you are an introvert, empath or introverted empath and you  :

  • are sensitive to poetry, mythology, symbols and imagery

  • are an unexpressed rebel with a cause

  • feel disconnected from your body

  • desire to be empowered in your healing path

  • need guidance towards a truer and fuller expression of your being

  • long for more harmony and flow in life

  • believe in the healing power of art

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Sunday Bliss

Coming in September! A dose of goodness from the slow side of Life on the first Sunday of the month! 

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