Art as storytelling, ritual and medicine 

Wu chinese shaman flower fish flamingo analogue collage



I'm Sandra, visual artist, intuitive healer and trauma informed facilitator.

In Art and Life, I aim to cultivate a state of natural flow that I have encapsulated in a very simple motto :

Be ~ Feel ~ Flow

Be: Present and grounded in the Here and Now

           Feel: Awareness of senses, environment and emotions

                               Flow: Body moves into action from a place of instinct and intuition

The Ancient Chinese named this state Wu Wei,  the Ancient Greeks called it Kairos.

I stand as a bridge between both civilizations, walking on the land of myths and heroes while nurturing my spirit with the principles of daoist philosophy and refining my character inspired by the five elements theory of Chinese medicine.

My art and my inner voyages sessions are an invitation to enter the river of remembrance and joy where time vanishes and stories are shared. We are again carefree children earthy and connected to Nature, open to a myriad of possibilities, stepping and incarnating our infinite potential.

As one who holds the field for others just like the elders before me did, I am a firm believer that in a space of  acceptance, non judgement and compassion, our human experiences are unraveled and woven again into powerful personal mythologies because

Presence is the simplest, most healing gift.

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