“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~ Lao Tzu

From trauma to sovereignty  ~  Thriving at Nature's pace


Inspired by the taoist concept of  Wu Wei  - the cultivation of a natural physical and mental state where our actions align effortlessly and spontaneously with the flow of life - I will guide you back to your natural flow and power through gentle yet deep and restorative processes.


These are the modalities I use:

  • Five elements theory of Chinese medicine

  • Expressive arts

  • Embodied meditation

  • Chanting/Sounding

  • Energy transmission in the tradition of my lineage of healers

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The sessions are offered in French, English, Greek, Spanish and Italian.

TESTIMONIAL :  The opening of wings

"I was a bit skeptical (and in total despair) when I knocked on Sandra's door in search of support. The 12-year therapeutic follow up, taking my medication, nothing helped me. As a matter of fact, I was sinking and losing more and more my taste for life, I was literally running on "autopilot". I was going through a deep crisis. Every day was a test.

Gradually, I have been feeling better. A simple joy and a gain of serenity which are new to me and that I appreciate and honor with great gratitude.

My psychiatrist in seeing my progress over the weeks suggested a new treatment, whereby after a year or two, I could envision a life without medication.

My quality of life has improved significantly. Meditation is a natural part of my day, I continue to work on myself each day with kindness, love and the hope of a swan that has wings ready to be spread to fly high in the sky.

I would like to recommend Sandra very strongly to you as a soul-body-spirit facilitator with exceptional professional skills and human qualities. I would be more than happy if my testimony can encourage you too, in making a positive change in your life with Sandra as your guide."

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