Persephone's veil

On the first day of spring, a poem dedicated to the sanctuary of Eleusis, to the silent whispers of the stones that taught me more than any book will ever teach me.

To the wisdom of the bones, the myths, the mystery, to Life.

At the banks of the Acheron

A misty silhouette

Copper coin clenched in her fist

Red with pomegranate juice

Lips thirsty to kiss her Beloved

Is it time yet Mother ?

The tide is high

The ferryman late

Not today Child

The Crone lifts the bride's veil

Kisses her wet cheeks

Cold bone on rosy skin

There is always time for the next ferry ride

Drum your chest, hum for me softly

While the vultures circle the skies

Just for today Sister, just for today.

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