"A traveler I am, and a navigator, and everyday I discover a new region within my soul." Kahlil Gibran


For nearly ten years, I have been researching and experiencing different modalities to support my healing path in combination with collage that acted as a visual journal and documentation of my inner voyage.

The frame for my guidance is inspired on the five elements theory in Chinese medicine as a guideline, the sessions themselves unfold intuitively and are created from your place in the present moment.  As we cocreate and clear blocks of emotions, I intuitively blend other techniques and experiences and advice to support and nurture you on your path.

As we work at your personal pace and rhythm, you will be gaining clarity  and confidence to take action from a place of awareness and self love but most of all I will be supporting and guiding you to move into your own space of freedom and infinite potential!

Do you feel disconnected and out of tune with your body and your true desires? Do you feel you need support to move through a transition or an adverse life life experience and need to release emotional baggage and heal old wounds hold in a safe trusting space ?