Restoring Flow, thriving in Balance and Harmony!
Woman floating in water close to a well surrounded by fish

A 1:1, 90 minute session via Zoom to harmonize and restore your creative and energetic flow and realign with your vision.

Expect to:

  • clear emotional blocks and pattern beliefs

  • alchemize negative emotions into energy for action 

  • uncover hidden treasures and pearls of wisdom

  • expand out of your comfort zone

  • realign your flow with your true vision

  • create your personal navigation map 

  • receive practical tools for your journey

The workshop is 100% experiential! We will cocreate organically and intuitively through meditation, visualization, expressive arts and embodied practices! You will feel renewed from the inside out!

Price : 85 euros

Upon booking, you will receive the details for the payment, the schedule to book your most suitable time and a personal message in preparation for our session. 


I look forward to cocreating with you! 

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