Revolving about resilience, memory and identity, my analogue collages metabolize the tension between the Natural and the Human by invoking the power of language, myth and symbol to create sharp visual narratives nurtured in the profound and the profane of the feminine essence.

My art practice originates from a state of no mind in the “here and now”. An embodied organic process that continuously challenges the limits of my awareness and sensitivity, a travel within to extract the substance that will be transmuted onto pictures. The birth of a piece is sometimes soft and flowing, other times visceral and violent but always through me and out of me.


"Sandra is committed to the quality of her soul, a free, restless and sensitive spirit that can withdraw and nurture herself in the stillness of her inner world. Images of a thousand worlds inhabited by the artist will emerge from this place." C.M.

Hearth_Gaia Analogue collage on paper A5 Platform Projects Net, Athens, Greece 2021 Featured by

(Sch)Merz und Geburt der neuen Armee Analogue collage on paper A5 Schwitters’ Army Collection, MERZ Gallery, Sanquhar, Scotland 2020

You bought your own extinction Analogue collage on paper A4 Published in “Maintenant 14”, Three Press Rooms, New York 2020 Featured by Kolaj Magazine

Molting down Analogue collage on paper A4 3rd International Art Collage exhibition, Retroavangarda Gallery, Warsaw 2020

H2O Analogue collage & oil pastel on paper A5 Platform Projects, Athens, Greece 2019

Die before you die Analogue collage on paper A5 A book about death 10th anniversary Islip Art Museum, New York