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"Body intelligence is poetry in motion; collage a language for its expression." 
Sandra Gea 

Sandra Gea embodied collage practices

Our bodies have stories to tell:

  • stories for our healing and self-empowerment

  • stories that are our unique voice in the world

  • stories as legacy for the future generations


I am Sandra, collagist, poet, facilitator and medicine woman.

Collage is my language of love and self-expression, my sacred sanctuary for healing and emerging as a woman, artist and space holder to others; a practice rooted in the body and nurtured in the profound and profane of the feminine essence.

Holding my hand on this journey is a precious pair of scissors, my companion since childhood, a thank you gift from a travelling master cutler for filling his water bottle.

To this day, every paper cut carries the marvel of an eight-year-old whose world was illuminated by this random act of kindness. 

For Collectors and Art Lovers:

Original analogue collages either on commission or from a wide selection of unique artworks. 

For Brave Storytellers:

Embodied collage practices and integrative healing journeys into self-love and belonging.


black and white woman rising from blue waves painted in oil black and white fish around at the center the picture of a well in black and white

How about experiencing an embodied collage practice? 

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